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Addressing Emails

So I noticed a trend with emails that I thought would be interesting to discuss, and that is how you address someone in an email. ┬áConsider 2 simple, non-confrontational emails below and notice the main difference between them: Gary, We are in need…

Planning your Vacation – The Top 10 Reminder List

This is completely unrelated to technology but seemed a great place to put together a reminder list of things you may want to consider and plan when you are going away on vacation. Don’t Forget your Passports Bring your Wallet, make sure you…

width:auto width:100%

Great article that explains something I know I have had issues with for CSS in the past wondering the difference between width:auto and width: 100%, but not anymore ­čÖé

CKEditor – Change the background color using JavaScript

I found a great article on how to change the background color of CKEditor on the fly.┬á This became a great approach when performing form validation: Link is here, but for a quick reference, here’s how you reference it: this.document.$.childNodes[1].childNodes[1].style.backgroundColor = ‘Blue’; this…

Java Decompiler

Found this Java Decompiler from a colleague.  Very impressive, especially if you use Eclipse

Getting Query String from a JSP

public String getQueryString(HttpServletRequest req) { Object reqUrlObj = req.getAttribute(“javax.servlet.forward.query_string”); StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer(“”); if (reqUrlObj != null) { result.append((String)reqUrlObj); } return result.toString(); }

CSS Background Image Hacks

Great article on CSS some great things you can do with CSS Background Images:

Captcha Alternatives

This article gives a great summary of using Captcha alternatives.

Opacity in CSS

I came across a nice article here that sums up using opacity (ie on images) that works nicely in most browsers. The article summarizes it this way, use the following CSS properties to better support IE versions: .opaque { -ms-filter:”progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50)”; // first!…

Eclipse DLTK Index Slowness

I have found a number of times that the DLTK index kicks off during my Eclipse Helios session and sometimes can hang.  What I did to fix this was to remove the files (database index files) in this folder: <workspace folder>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.dltk.core.index.sql.h2/