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Setting up a Demo Web Application using Spring Boot, Thymeleaf and Semantic UI

Sometimes you just want to build a proof of concept or a demo of some kind without all the complications of many Javascript libraries, assembling build tools using Grunt or Gulp as well as database access, and the list goes on.  However, there…

Responsive Off Canvas Menus

What a great, simple solution to off canvas menus.  And they work super fast as they are using CSS transitions instead of jQuery.  I read an article on Smashing Magazine that perhaps was a bit complex, even though the result was great, I…

sass watch compress

Just a handy command if you use sass watch.  This command will compress (or minify, uglify) the CSS file generated by sass watch sass –watch style.scss:style.css –style compressed

CSS Overflow for Mobile

There may come a time where you need allow your mobile site (ie jquery mobile) to allow some elements on the page to not be confined to the viewport size.  For example, you may have an image on a page allowing a visitor…

Understanding Simple Positioning with CSS

While learning CSS, the one thing I kept (and keep) messing up was the ability to position elements correctly.  I found I had a hard time getting the correct way to use position absolute and relative.  The trick that I was taught was…

Centering with CSS

If you have a container (ie a fixed size frame) and you want to center that container in the page, the traditional, old fashioned way was to use a table or the < center > tag.  With CSS, you simple use this in…

CSS Background Image Hacks

Great article on CSS some great things you can do with CSS Background Images: