Good day!  My name is Gary Waddell, owner and consultant of On Middle Ground Inc.  On Middle Ground Inc, or OMGi for short.   I am a consultant specializing in building custom web applications; public and private (ie Intranets) web based applications.  Yes I’ve built many websites over the years, but I much prefer to build full scale web based and mobile applications.

This site is meant to be a source for developers to come to and learn and share information about multiple areas of software development.

I have been building software applications now since the early 1990’s.  For the past number of years, I have written Java based software, mostly for the web.  In the past 6 or 7 years now, I spread my knowledge into PHP and mySQL based apps.  I still revert back to Java for my immediate development interests, but for standard, small to mid sized companies, PHP works very well for me.  I do find PHP to be quite cumbersome when I get into larger applications.

Lately, I have immersed myself into AngularJS and Microservice architectures using Spring technologies (such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud).  I fell in love with Spring Boot and Cloud when it comes to having a distributed, fault tolerant, concurrent architecture.  Hail Josh Long and the Pivotal pros :).

Learning simply never ends.  If you are in technology and you like to learn, the future is yours to experience.  Gone are the days of being a stale, Java only developer.  In today’s world, IMHO you need to be full stack.

So look around, drop some comments about things I blog about.  I am always welcome to hear from you and learn from others.