Seems the latest version as of November 20, 2015 of IntelliJ IDEA does not come equipped to reload Spring Boot static content on the fly such as HTML and Javascript files.  After much digging around and some help from a buddy of mine, I was able to find a solution:

1) create Spring Boot project with SB V1.3 and add “Devtools” (1*) to dependencies  Seems this step was not necessary for me
2) invoke Help->Find Action… and type “Registry”, in the dialog search for “automake” and enable the entry “”, close dialog
3) enable background compilation in Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Compiler “Make project automatically”
4) open Spring Boot run config, you should get warning message if everything is configured correctly
5) Run your app, change your classes on-the-fly

Alternatively, my buddy was able to figure out that you can perform a make on the HTML/JS file (shortcut key is in the IDEA menu, it’s something like a CMD+FN+F9 on a Mac) and that will auto save and do the build/make for you.  Not a bad backup option and as my very wise friend Mark pointed out; you can also remap the keys so it’s easier than getting your nuts in a sling around FN+CMD+SHIFT+F9 (on my Mac anyways).