Have you create some controller code in Angular that you are trying to test out only to find out the controller is being executed more than once, typically twice? If so, you are not alone and this is a very common design problem when you start using routes.

Because routes attach to controllers, it’s very easy to think, yes I need this controller attached to this route flow, and of course you would, that is natural.  The problem is, you probably have a reference to the same controller in your HTML directives or views.  When you start using routes and controllers in routes, make sure you do not re declare the controller in the view, instead remove the reference and let the route take care of things.

This is straight from the online Angular docs:

Note that you can also attach controllers to the DOM by declaring it in a route definition via the $route service. A common mistake is to declare the controller again using ng-controller in the template itself. This will cause the controller to be attached and executed twice.