I am a big believer in keeping my skills up to snuff.  I never wait for a company to provide training for me, I am in charge of my future, so I make it a point to keep up to date on the latest and greatest technology trends. So I’ve compiled a list of training sites that I have used that provide a wealth of information to help you on your journey.


(Paid Subscription)

This has to be my favorite site for learning all about design and technology.  The instructors are the cream of the crop.  I’ve learned dozens of tips, techniques and general knowledge about Photoshop, CSS, HTML and Javascript, just to name a few.

Code School

(Some Free Courses, but generally a Paid Subscription)

This is fairly new for me but I am already starting to get pretty hitched to it.  The instructors are young, but very tuned when it comes to skills.  Probably a bit more advanced for most people starting out and sometimes it does move along quite quickly, but they have an interactive site allowing to you completely labs and problems right in the browser.  I think this is a revolutionary approach to learning.  I am very impressed so far.



I’ve not done a bunch of work here, but I have found some courses to be well laid out, also for the courses that I took, they had an interactive element as well.  As time permits, I plan to dig into this resource a bit more.



I got my 9 year old son into this site.  Great resource for learning online (interactive as well).  Perfect site for people wanting to get introduced to the web development technologies.  And it’s free!!!