Simply copy the blogs url embeddable link from the SmugMug tag in the embeddable links section and paste it into the content of your page/post but make sure you paste it into the HTML tab view and not the Visual tab view. Then remove all of the a href tags and the image tags etc so you are left with the http smugmug URL only.

So here’s the catch.  The code that WordPress generates will generally output an iframe syntax and this just doesn’t work nicely with Android devices.  What we really want to do is detect the device (ie Android, even webkit based browsers) using a client or server side language and render the HTML code based on the device.  So if someone was viewing the post via an Android device, we can register a different oembed provider so that we can generate a < video > tag instead of the standard iframe tags.  Chances are, for any mobile device, you want the < video > tag anyways.

So for now, until I get the code ready, you can use the WordPress method:

<?php wp_embed_register_handler( $id, $regex, $callback, $priority ); ?>

where you can register your own provider name and render your own HTML using a RegEx approach for the URL that you pasted into the HTML Editor.  I’ll get a sample for everyone soon enough.  Hopefully it helps you get started!