This is a simple checklist that you may find useful for creating a database, connecting to the database via SQL Developer and adding a new schema user to load a set of tables to that user.  I’ve also include the SQL Plus command you may want to use on the command line:

  1. Install Oracle
  2. After Oracle has been installed, run the Database Configuration Assistant to create a new database, make sure you note your password here.  I created a password in the wizard screens for the sys and sysdba user.
  3. Download and Install SQL Developer from Oracle
  4. Create a new connection with the name of your choice, but make sure the user is sys and the password is the password you set from bullet 2.
  5. Select the Connection Type as Basic and role as SYSDBA
  6. Use the default host as localhost, port 1521 and SID from the name you used during step 2.
  7. Once connected, create a new schema user and proceed to load your data into that DB Schema User.

SQL Plus command would be:

sqlplus userid/password@sid