There may be occasions where you need to perform SSL web services through your application into another web service.  You need to become a bit familiar with key stores and trust files.  I ended up using the default dummy files shipped with WebSphere, you will see this in the IBM article I will refer you to.

First, I assume you have received some kind of cert(s) (*.cer) from the app you will be calling into.  You need to add these to your default trust file, which is stored in WebSphere as a repertoire (Security | SSL).  Remember the default password for the trust file is WebAS…go figure, that is easy to know and find =)

As long as you can remember the password WebAS (did I say that already), then follow these instructions first.  I only followed the instructions for the ikeyman utility, you can disregard the other command line tools (ie keytool) if you do end up using ikeyman.

Now once your app has been installed into WAS, you will need to SSL enable the web services through the Web Services: Client security bindings (Enterprise Applications > YourApp > Web module > YourWARFile > Web services: Client security bindings)  Click on the Edit Button beside the web service using SSL and make sure the HTTP SSL Enabled is checked.

Now you can try out your SSL web service from your app.