Since I am not a Unix weenie, I did not know how to find text in multiple files (ie using Grep, find etc) that span in multiple different directories.  Consider the following example.

For large production applications, log files can rotate through very quickly with many users connecting to an application.  You need to be able to look thru a large number of log files that may span across many subdirectories as well.  So perhaps I am looking for a specific error (ie a Java Exception).

I came across this approach that saved me quite a bit of time:

for i in `find subdirname*` ; do
 grep -i  [yourtexttofind] $i
 if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
  echo "FOUND TEXT IN FILE : " $i

This can be copied and pasted right at the Unix prompt and you should see the text for your search text as well as the files that contain the text.